Easy to Run Programs

We understand that fundraisers are essential for your budget but they can be challenging to manage at times. At MCM we have designed our fundraisers with you in mind so they are simple to understand, easy to sell, and conveniently delivered to your organization, meeting or practice!

We are fundraising distributors of:

• Butter Braid® Pastry

 • Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough

 • Joyful Traditions Cake Roll 

• Lyman Orchards® Pie



Profitable and Unique

Earn Up to 50% Profit
You want to raise as much money for your organization as possible.  Our outstanding products and brands will capture your consumer’s attention while earning you up to 50% profit.

Unique Programs
We have unique fundraisers with top brands such as Butter Braid® Pastry , Otis Spunkmeyer® cookie dough, Lyman Orchards® pies  and Joyful Traditions Cake Roll so the value of your fundraiser goes from good to great. With that homemade taste so easy and convenient, these products will be a hit for families to enjoy time and time again!



Discover resources that will inspire, promote and engage
We take the guesswork off your plate and provide you with everything you'll need to promote your fundraiser and get your community excited!

Social Media
Promotional photos, tag lines, blog posts templates, tweet ideas and more!

Email & Announcement Templates
You'll have homework...the good news is we've done it for you!

Loads of great Tips & Ideas
We follow trends and pass those great ideas on to you!

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