Delivery Tips



*Check each form and make sure all columns are tabulated across and down to the bottom total line.  Also check that all participant information is filled out correctly and that they have included a phone number on their order form.*


Prior to your scheduled delivery


1.   Please have 2 long tables to place the pastries / cookies on and to sort orders.

2.   Make sure you have a MASTER list of your totals by flavor and count out the cases with your driver.

3.   Be sure to have payment at delivery or that you have made other arrangements with our office. Have one check   

      payable to MCM Fundraising, Inc for your driver.



           Butter Braid® Pastry  and Otis Spunkmeyer® cookie dough: Please have 1 volunteer for every 150 items. Our boxes can be used

           for filling large orders and we will provide paper bags for smaller orders.


          Lyman Orchards™ pies: Please have 1 volunteer for every 100 pies, (do not exceed 6 volunteers). Plastic bags  

          will be provided for smaller order of 3 pies or less.  Large orders will go in the boxes they are delivered in.


At Delivery:


1.  Please be available a 1/2 hour prior to delivery in the event we are early, as well as to direct the delivery person

     to the proper location.  Pickup time for your fundraiser should be no sooner than ½ hour after delivery.


2.  Due to food safety, MCM Fundraising Inc.’s policy is “No returns after delivery”, so please be careful opening

     boxes as to not damage the packaging.


3.  Please make sure YOU are available to sign for the delivery. If you will NOT be at delivery, please

     contact our office to let us know who will be counting the items with the driver.


4.  We will bring in the product and line them up on the tables as they appear on the order form.  Before you

     distribute your order, count all products with the driver to ensure the correct delivery totals.  Sign the driver’s

     copy of the invoice to confirm you received ALL the items you ordered.  You will be charged for any additional items delivered. 


5.  Have your volunteers work in pairs.  One person reads the order form (reader) and one person picks the order   



Butter Braid® Pastry y is fine out of the freezer for 2 – 4 hours. Otis Spunkmeyer® cookie dough may be thawed and refrozen. The Lyman Orchards™ pies and Joyful Traditions Cake Roll  can stay out for 6 – 8 hours. Due to environmental temperatures on the day of your delivery, safe time out of the freezer may vary.  Important - Inform parents that products must be placed in a FREEZER immediately after pickup.